District Master for the 4th Degree, BC & Yukon

Sir Knight Wil Wilmot 2015-2016 

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The Msgr. John Miles Assembly 2064, meet once a month. Our ladies have their own program, and after our meeting we have dinner and social with our ladies and widows. Click on picture to watch video



Memories serving the 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus,
John Miles Assembly 2064 as Faithful Navigator
from 2014 to 2016. 

 On January 2020, I was suspended, without any warning, for 18 months by State Deputy Dale Hofer, since I have questioned the implementation and change of the Regalia to the new uniform.
Very sad, since I would celebrated just 2 months later my 25 anniversary as a 4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus.

Video by Sir Knight Allan Smith is self explanatory

Msgr. John Miles Assembly 2064,  
Knights of Columbia British Columbia and Yukon.

KofC Installation Of Officers 2014
Executive Officers Msgr. John Miles Assembly 2064.Fraternal Year 2014-2015


Msgr. John Miles Assembly 2064. Fraternal year 2014-2015 Faithful Navigator Sir Knight Guenter A. Rieger, Worthy Master Sir Knight Toni Pimentel.     

KNights of Columbus BC & Yukon, 4thDegree Convention April 25,2013 Richmond,BC




Installation of Officers

KOFC4949 web Black Tie Dinner April 2013

Dear visitors. 

"The Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus".  I'm a member of the 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus, Msgr. John Miles Assemby 2064, Vernon Brtish Columbia. Our Sir Knights are Brothers  of  KOFC Councils in Vernon, Coldstream, Armstrong, Salmon Arm and Revelstock, British Columbia, Canada.

With this page I would like to share with you the prinziples of the Fourth Degree.

"For most men who follow Jesus, there comes a time when duty extends beyond our own lives, beyond how we lead our families, and into how we serve our fellow man. That's what the Knights of Columbus is all about. The Patriotic Degree allows knights to take this one step further. Sir Knight" is more than a title. It's an honour."

Text below is a free copy of wikipedia. Please click on link of wikipedia to read full content. You are most welcome to visit the home page of the Knights of Columbus to get more information of the Knights of Columbus and the 4th Degree.

The Fourth Degree is the highest degree of the order. It is an extension of the third degree. Members of this degree are addressed as "Sir Knight". The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship. Fewer than 18% of Knights join the Fourth Degree, which is optional; of a total 1,703,307 Knights there were 292,289 Fourth Degree Knights.

A Knight is eligible to join the Fourth Degree after six months from the date of his First Degree, providing he has completed the 2nd and 3rd degrees beforehand.

Knights of Columbus chapeau worn only by Fourth Degree Knights

Only Fourth Degree Knights may optionally purchase and wear the full regalia and join the Assembly’s Color Corps. The Color Corps is the most visible arm of the Knights, as they are often seen in parades and other local events wearing their colorful regalia.

Official dress for the Color Corps is a black tuxedo, baldric, white gloves, cape and naval chapeau. In warm climates and during warm months a white dinner jacket may be worn, if done as a unit Baldrics are worn from the right shoulder to left hip and are color specific by nation.

In the United States, Panama and the Philippines, baldrics are red, white and blue. Red and white baldrics are used in Canada and Poland; red, white and green in Mexico; and blue and white in Guatemala.  Service baldrics include a scabbard for a sword and are worn over the coat while social baldrics are worn under the coat. The colors on a Fourth Degree Knight's cape and chapeau denote the office he holds within the Degree.

Faithful Navigators and Past Faithful Navigators are permitted to carry a white handled silver sword. Masters and Vice Supreme Masters, as well as Former Masters and Former Vice Supreme Masters, are also denoted by their gold swords.

The need for a patriotic degree was first considered in 1886, and a special plea was made at the National Meeting of 1899. The first Fourth Degree exemplification followed in 1900 with 1,100 Knights participating at the Lenox Lyceum in New York City. Today there are more than 2,500 Assemblies.

Vivat Jesus

Faithful Navigator Guenter A. Rieger, Past GK St. James Council 4949

Welcome to my private website attributing the honorable work of the 4th Degree of the  Knights of Columbus .   
It contains general information about the Knights of Columbus,  some activities of the John Miles Assembly 2064, and other content of the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus. 2014 Guenter A. Rieger FN
Serving the Knights of Columbus since 1994, inspired by our Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, Brother Knights including my own enthusiasm for the Knights of Columbus, I have created this website.  Read more... 

 Fourth Degree: PATRIOTISM

St. James Council 4949 is affiliated with the John Miles 4th Degree Assembly 2064.

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Installation of officers 2014


Installation of officers 2014,  Faithful Navigator Sir Knight Guenter A. Rieger with Lady Regina and Worthy Master Sir Knight Toni Pimentel at the installation of officers ceremony. Click on picture to watch video

Installation of officers 2012

Installation of officers, October 2012,  Faithful Navigator Sir Knight David Lawrence with Lady Karen and Worthy Master Sir Knight Toni Pimentel at the installation of officers ceremony.Click on picture to watch video

Why Join The Fourth Degree Knights Of Columbus, by Faithful Navigator Richard Zautcke.

A short overview of the distribution of the Knights of Columbus around the globe, the level of administration and communication within the organization, Why you do wantt too be a 4th Degree Knight.Click on picture to watch videothe levels of Knighthood, and specifically details about the Fourth Degree. All of this with a most sincere invitation too join our rank. Click on picture to watch video

4th Degree Honor Guard escorting officers OfficerInstallationof







Our Lady of Lourdes Council 10201 during installation of officers. Click on picture below to watch video.

A video depicting who the Knights of Columbus are, and what they stand for and believe in.

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Click on picture to watch video