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kofc4949 Wheelchair Project 2012.Click on picture to watch video. Knights4949

Enjoy a few videos of St. James Council events and activities during my terms as Grand Knight, 2010-2012. Click here to watch more of my videos.

Click on pictures to watch related videos.
Welcome to my website attributing the honorable work of the Knights of Columbus KOFC4949 Guenter A. Rieger Grand Knight 2010-2012  Knights4949. Click here to watch more videos.
It contains general information about the Knights of Columbus,  some activities of St. James Council 4949, during my terms as Grand Knight 2010 2012, including other content. 
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Some pictures are linked to videos, click on picture to watch related video.

KOFC4949 Installation of Officers Fraternal year 2012-2013. Click picture to watch video

KOFC4949 2012 Confirmation OLOV

KOFC4949 Donation of $2,500 to St. James PSG May2012

KOFC4949 Donation of $200 to the Youth Group of Vernon

KOFC4949 Donation of $500 to the Vernon &Area Pro-Life Society

KOFC4949  2012, June, Hospice House Donation

KOFC4949 Knight of the Year 2011-2012 Mike Fedyniak

KOFC4949 2011-2012 Family of Year Joe and Frances Toolsie

KOFC4949 Guenter A. Rieger, Grand Knight, Wheelchair presentation May 2012

KOFC4949 2011-2012 Wheelchair Prject reaised funds for 47 wheelchairs, GK Guenter A. Rieger, Father Dale and Deacon Paul Murphy

KOFC4949 Second Annual Garage Sale May 20,2012 Click on picture to watch video

KOFC4949 2012 Ladies Apreciation Night GK Guenter A. Rieger Click on picture to watch video

KOFC4949 May 2012 Ladies Appreciation Night, Click on picture to watch video

KOFC 4949 Val and Pat Dorigo celebrating 50 years of marriage. Left. GK Guenter A. Rieger, Val and Pat Dorigo, Father Dale Normandeau. Click on picture to watch video

KOFC4949 Social after our General Meeting 2012, click on picture to watch video

KOFC 4949 Pancake Breakfast team 2012

DGK collecting donations for KOC4949 Pancake Breafast and selling Fun"Knight"Out tickets, hosted by State Warden, Knights of Columbus BC&Yukon

KOFC4949: Grand Knight Guenter A. Rieger presenting a check for $2,5000 to Laura Corduff St.ames Parent Support Group,  and Schubert Centre Society John Toporchak and Romeo Sibellau a check for $1,000

KOFC 4949: GK Guenter A. Rieger presents a check of $500 on behalf of Council 4949 to the "Together for Christmas" team. Click on picture to watch video

KOFC 4949 and KOFC 12202 celebrated togther the Necrology mass in 2011. Mass was held in St. James Church

KOFC4949 50th Birthday Father Dale with GK Guenter A. Rieger an Deputy Grand Knight. Click on picture to watch video

KOFC4949; Sir Knight Ralph Hounslow receives his Life Membership from Grand Knight Guenter A. Rieger

KOFC4949 Big Bike Run 2011 GK Guenter A. Rieger and Team Captain Dave Lawrence

KOFC 4949: Brother Victor Szadak received his Lifemember from GK Guenter . Rieger

Grand Knight Guenter A. Rieger presenting the Silver Rose to Grand Knight Ingo Schollerman,

KOFC4949 GK Guenter A. Rieger receives the Silver Rose from GK BernieLutes

KOFC4949 Martin Belec received from Grand Knight Guenter A. Rieger his certificate Golden Life Membership card

KOFC 4949Together for ChristmasThank Certificate. KOFC4949 donated $1000 for the event

KOFC 4949 Welcome to  our Pancake Breakfast. First Sunday of the month 8:30-10:30AM.

KOFC 4949The  Pancake Breakfast crew 2011

KOFC 4949 David Doran and Deputy Grand Knight after a district meeting in Salmon Arm

KOFC 4949 NEW Member Noel De Rosier welcomed by Bro. Dan Danyluk

KOFC 4949 New Member Frank Flasch welcomed by Bro. Romeo Sibilleau

KOFC 4949 VIP Arward for Sir Knight David Elrick presented by Grand Knight Guenter A. Rieger.

KOFC 4949 Grand Knight Guenter A.Rieger present Jack Gareb, Manager of the Schubert Centre a check in the amount of $500 on behalf of St.James Council 4949

KOFC 4949 Deputy Grand Knight Sir Pat Hagel receives from Grand Knight Guenter Rieger  the new (gold) Life Member card. Pat Hagel belomngs to the Knights for over 60 Years.

KOFC 4949 Together For Christmas during a check presentation of $1000

KOFC 4949 Gardening Committee 2010

KOFC 4949 50 Years Anniversary Dinner. Bro. Guenter A.Rieger and Bro. David Durand talking about the next KOFC election